Highest rates of crime are in London

This month´s crime figures reveal that 7341 convictions happened in London, according to CPS (Crown prosecution service), making it the highest rates of crime in England and Wales

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 06.38.05

The bubble chart below shows the national criminal causes by offence category in February 2012, to make it interactive and explore the data click on it.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 16.00.38

Theft and drug related offences are highest ones after motoring.

An independent body that carried out an analysis on the issue the illegal drugs compares its consumption with that of gambling or eating junk food. The government approach towards drugs is under review at the moment, with a possibility of decriminalizing drugs like Cannabis.

Other countries in Europe like Portugal have already done so and the results have been outstanding. Consumption has dropped and they are saving money on prosecution and arrests.

Traditional law enforcement efforts often “have limited or no sustained impact on supply” and can have unintended consequences.

“For example, where arresting one group of drug dealers leads to an increase in violence in the area as a result of a turf war between rival gangs seeking to fill the gap created.” said spokesman for UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC).

Homicide on the other side is very low, making it the least commited crime.

More than haf of the times the victim of murder or manslaughter are male and they are most likely to be caused by a person they know. In the case of female homicides its their partners or ex-partners the main accused.

Interestingly motoring related convictions are the most recurring cases, followed by theft and offence against the person.

The chart below shows London´s criminal causes by offence category

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 08.33.48


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